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A Century of Coal and Brass


Following an award of 5,000 from the 'Building Brighter Futures' scheme, funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, and administered by SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations), the Band has recorded its first CD. The music was recorded in early January, 2002 and the production of the CD completed by the beginning of March 2002. On the CD there is a selection of arrangements associated with the many conductors who have led the Band over the years. 'A Century of Coal and Brass' is a fitting title for our first CD, and indeed for the 'Building Brighter Futures' project as the band is approaching it's centenary year in 2005, and still holds dear, the link to the mining heritage of the past. The CD is priced 10.00 including p&p. Contact the Band Secretary if you would like to place an order. Read on for screenshots of the CD and track listing...



Buckhaven & Methil Miners Brass Band - A Century of Coal and Brass

On this CD, we have a broad sample of the band’s concert and entertainment contest repertoire, also featuring music, some of it rarely heard today, associated with the many well-known band personalities who have conducted the band in years gone by.

These include Drake Rimmer’s thrilling transcription of the Farnadole from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne, and from Bruce Fraser, who is a fine composer of educational music, Ground Pavan. It’s equally fitting that we should play music by Bruce, for he has taught many members of the Band.

Another prominent Fife banding stalwart was the irrepressible Archie Smith, one time policeman, politician and publican! One of the late conductor’s favourite pieces was the beautiful Eventide by Henry Geehl. Simple, yet touching and evocative, we include this rarely heard gem as a tribute to a larger than life personality, who is still sadly missed by all who knew him.

Two musicians who can also wield the pen as well as the stick presently conduct the band! Resident conductor David Hynd has composed the stirring fanfare and march Fife 2000 especially for this recording, and professioal conductor Alan Fernie is known throughout the Brass Band movement as a writer of witty and popular arrangements, such as the two featured here, Singin’ In The Rain and McArthur Park.

The name of the football stadium in Methil where the mighty East Fife play is called Bayview. Alan discovered an unpublished march of the same name written by Albert Badrick, a successful conductor in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60s. Bayview was written in 1948, the year in which East Fife brought the Scottish League Cup home to Methil, and was specially composed for the band to play for the returning heroes.

Two of the band’s fine soloists are also featured. Our Principal Cornet gives us a cheeky rendition of Sugar Blues, and our Solo Euphonium delivers a heartfelt performance of I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair.

The three remaining items are examples of the Band’s wide repertoire. Jamie’s Patrol is an old Scottish favourite of bands everywhere, and in contrast to this traditional kind of band writing, we also play music very much of the present day. No Matter What was a huge No 1 hit for Boyzone of course, and here we give it the Buckhaven treatment! Ray Woodfield’s brilliant arrangement of the old Russian melody Kalinka gives our fine Bass Section a chance to shine, and also enables the whole band to let it’s hair down in a fitting finale!

Track Listing

Track   Title   Composer   Arrangement
1   Bayview   Albert Badrick   Albert Badrick
2   Ground Pavan   Bruce Fraser   Bruce Fraser
3   Jamie's Patrol   Sydney Dacre   Sydney Dacre
4   Singin' in the Rain   Nacio Herb Brown   Alan Fernie
5   Sugar Blues   Clarence Williams   Alan Morrison
6   Fife 2000   David Hynd   David Hynd
7   Eventide   Henry Gheel   Henry Gheel
8   Kalinka   Traditional   Ray Woodfield
9   No Matter What   Andrew Lloyd-Webber   Ray Farr
10   Farandole   Bizet   Drake Rimmer
11   Jeannie With Light Brown Hair   Stephen Foster   Elgar Howarth
12   Macarthur Park   Jim Webb   Alan Fernie


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