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Buckhaven and Methil Miners Brass Band


Adopted at Special General Meeting of Members on Sunday, August 12th 2001.


The Band shall be called "Buckhaven and Methil Miners Brass Band". It will be referred to throughout the constitution as ‘the Band’.


The objects of the Band shall be:

  1. To advance the education of the public by promoting and encouraging brass band music and in furtherance thereof.
  2. To benefit the community through public performances and displays.
  3. To retain the heritage of Miners Brass Bands through providing free tuition and use of instruments to members.


The Band can do anything that is necessary and within the law to carry out the objects described above.


Membership of the Band shall comprise of

  1. Playing members (including trainees) who shall become ineligible for membership should they be absent from four consecutive rehearsals or a public performance without permission of, or excuse satisfactory to, the committee.
  2. Non playing members (either former players or individuals who are interested in furthering the work of the Band)
  3. Members shall be required to complete a membership form and agree to abide by the rules of the band.
  4. No individual shall be excluded from membership of the Band on the grounds of age, gender, class, political affiliation, creed, sexuality, ethnic origin or ability.


  1. All business of the band shall be conducted by a management committee, consisting of no less than 9 people and no more than 13.
  2. The Management Committee must meet at least 6 times a year.
  3. All Management Committee members and office bearers will be elected at the Bands Annual General Meeting. They serve until the end of the next AGM and are eligible for re-election at that meeting.
  4. Officials shall consist of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. A representative of the committee shall visit the band hall at least once every week.
  6. Any official or committee member absent from three consecutive meetings shall be deemed resigned their office unless they can forward a satisfactory explanation as to their absence.
  7. Paid staff are not allowed to be members of the Management Committee.
  8. Any vacancy on the Management Committee can be filled by someone appointed by the Committee. Anyone appointed to fill a vacancy will hold office until the end of the next AGM and will be eligible for election at that meeting.



An Annual General Meeting of the Band must be convened by the Management Committee each year, within the period October – December.

At the AGM the business must include

  1. consideration of reports submitted by the Management Committee on the Bands activities, including a financial report and approval of the accounts once they have been examined
  2. retirement of existing committee and election of new committee
  3. appointment of an independent examiner to examine the Bands accounts
  4. any other business that may be necessary


  1. A Special General Meeting of the Band can be called by the Secretary on the instructions of the Management Committee or on the written request of 6 full members who have given reasons for their request.
  2. At least 21 days notice of any general meeting of the Band must be given in writing by the Secretary to each member of the Band.


  1. Only full members of the Band are eligible to serve as members of the Management Committee
  2. Nominations for membership of the Management Committee must be made by full members of the Band at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. If the number of nominations is greater than the number of vacancies a ballot must be held.



  1. The quorum at a general meeting of the Band is 15.
  2. The quorum at a meeting of the Management Committee is 5.


  1. Unless it says so elsewhere in this constitution, all the questions arising at any meeting must be decided by a simple majority of those who are present and entitled to vote.
  2. No member can exercise more than one vote.
  3. The chairperson shall have a casting vote at meetings.


  1. All money raised by the Band or raised on its behalf must only be used to further the aims of the Band. This can include
  1. the payment in good faith of reasonable and appropriate remuneration to anyone employed by the Band
  2. the payment of fees to professional and technical advisors
  3. the repayment of reasonable out of pocket expenses to members of the Management Committee and volunteers.
  1. The treasurer shall keep a record of all accounts, income and expenditure and shall give a report of financial affairs of the band at each committee meeting.
  2. The accounts must be independently examined at least once a year by an independent examiner appointed at the AGM. The Management Committee must submit the examined accounts for the previous year to the AGM for approval.
  3. A bank account must be opened in the name of the Band at a bank or building society chosen by the Management Committee. This account can be reviewed or transferred if appropriate.
  4. The management committee must authorise 5 of its members to sign cheques on behalf of the Band. One of these 5 members must be the Treasurer.
  5. Valid cheques cannot be signed by less than two of the authorised members.


  1. The rights to all property (including land, buildings and personal property) acquired by the Band or on its behalf must be held in the names of the Chairperson, Vice chairperson, secretary and the Treasurer by right of their positions in the Band for as long as they hold these positions.


  1. Any alteration to this constitution must be made at a general meeting specially called for this purpose.
  2. Any alteration must be voted for by at least two thirds of the full members of the Band present at this meeting.


  1. The Band can be dissolved at any time by a resolution, which has been passed at a general meeting.
  2. The resolution must be unanimously passed by those present at the meeting and entitled to vote.
  3. In the event of the Band being dissolved, any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been settled, shall be donated to one or more other recognised charitable organisations in the Buckhaven/Methil area which have aims similar to the Band. If no other organisations are available then the money shall be used for some other purpose that the law considers charitable for tax purposes



Buckhaven & Methil Miners Brass Band operates on the principle that the only requirement for membership of the brass band is a love of music and of brass bands in particular.

Membership of the band and participation in its rehearsals and performances is open to all persons without enquiry of, regard to, or record of their gender, age, race or religion

Appointment to any playing position within a band will be made entirely on musical aptitude and ability and on no other criteria.

Policy On The Recruitment Of Ex Offenders.

Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band undertakes to treat all applicants for positions within the organisation fairly and not to discriminate unfairly against the subject of a disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed.

We will only request a Standard or Enhanced disclosure where it is necessary and relevant to the position sought.

Where a position requires a disclosure we will make this clear on the application form, job advert and any other information provided about the post.

At interview we will ensure that open and measured discussions can take place on the subject of offences. Failure to reveal information at interview, that is directly relevant to the position sought could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment.

At interview or when receiving a disclosure which shows a conviction, we will take into consideration:-

* Whether the conviction is relevant to the position being offered.
* The seriousness of the offences revealed.
* The length of time since the offence took place.
* Whether the applicant has a pattern of offending behaviour.
* Whether the applicant's circumstances have changed since offending took place.

We will ensure that all our staff involved in the recruitment process are aware of this policy and have received relevant training and support.

We undertake to make a copy of this policy and the Code of Practice, available to any applicant for a post with Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band that requires a disclosure.

Policy On Protecting Vulnerable People

Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band aims to ensure that any vulnerable people, whether children, young people or vulnerable adults, are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with staff and volunteers in this organisation. In order to achieve this we will ensure our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised.


* All applicants to our organisation will complete an application form.
* Short listed applicants will be asked to attend interview.
* Short listed applicants will be asked to provide references and these will always be taken up prior to confirmation of an appointment.


* Where relevant to the post, the successful applicant will be asked to agree to an appropriate disclosure. Disclosures will be requested prior to the applicant taking up post.


* The successful applicant will receive induction training, which will give an overview of the organisation and ensure they know its purpose, values, services and structure.
* Relevant training and support will be provided on an ongoing basis, and will cover information about their role, and opportunities for practicing skills needed for the work.
* Training on specific areas such as health & safety procedures, identifying and reporting abuse, and confidentiality will be given as a priority to new staff and volunteers, and will be regularly reviewed.


* All staff and volunteers will have a designated supervisor who will provide regular feedback and support.
* Every member of staff and volunteer will attend an annual review, where their performance, skills, motivation and expectations will be discussed. Annual reviews will be minuted and copies made available to the member of staff/volunteer.

Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band will ensure that all staff and volunteers involved in recruitment, training and supervision, are aware of this policy and have received appropriate training and support to ensure its full implementation.

Policy On The Secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of Disclosure Information.

In accordance with the Scottish Executive Code of Practice, for registered persons and other recipients of Disclosure Information, Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band will ensure the following practice:

* Disclosures will only be requested when necessary and relevant to a particular post and the information provided on a disclosure certificate will only be used for recruitment purposes.

* Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band will ensure that an individual's consent is given before seeking a disclosure, and will seek their consent before using disclosure information for any purpose other than recruitment.

* Disclosure information will only be shared with those authorised to see it in the course of their duties.

* Where additional disclosure information s provided to Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band and not to the disclosure applicant, Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band will not disclose this information to the applicant, but will inform them of the fact that additional information has been provided, should this information affect the recruitment decision.

* Disclosure information will be stored in a locked non-portable container, for a maximum of 6 months. Only those authorised to see this information in the course of their duties will have access to this container.

* Disclosure information will be destroyed by shredding.

* No image or photocopy of the disclosure information will be made, however the following details will be retained:-

Date of issue of disclosure.
Name of subject.
Disclosure type.
Position for which disclosure was requested.
Unique reference number of disclosure.
Recruitment decision taken.

* Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band will ensure that all staff with access to disclosure information are aware of this policy and have received relevant training and support.

* Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band undertake to make a copy of this policy and the Code of Practice available to any applicant for a post with Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band that requires a disclosure.

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