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Recent Band Photo's


Durham Miners Gala & Beamish July 2012

Band prior to CD Premier Concert, 27th March 2011.

Jimmy opens the Concert in Buckhaven Theatre.

Buckhaven Brass Beginnings Perfofmance

David Wielding the Baton.

Rebeka and Dad doing sound check before Concert.

Liz joins Jimmy on the medal trail!!!!
(presented by Louise)

The "Prize Guys"...Liz joins Jimmy with SBBA Medal.

One for the album.

Another Medal For Jimmy!!!!

More Medals For Jimmy!!!!

Photos from Durham Miners Gala

Some of the youngsters who come for brass lessons on Wednesday evenings...

Photo's taken during rehearsal.....

More recent photo's coming soon.......


Scottish Championships 2004


The band is pleased to introduce their new conductor, Bob Mcdonald. Bob, previously with Tayport band, is an accomplished cornet player and a welcome addition to the Buckhaven & Methil band.

Above: The band's first contest in their new uniforms prior to competing in the Finals under the baton of Bob Mcdonald.


Apple Blossom Concert

Below: Programme extract from Apple Blossom Time Concert, Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline, Satuday 27th March 2004.

Alastair McDonald

Alastair McDonald is Scotland's leading musical minstrel. In addition to television, radio and stage appearances worldwide, he is a prolific recording artiste with a programme selected from a vast repertoire of traditional and original material.

Born in Glasgow in 1941, Alastair emigrated to Australia in 1949. There, he developed an interest in home made music and, at the age of twelve, he returned just in time for the emergent 'skiffle era'. After playing with a variety of local groups, he eventually found himself thrashing a banjo in the trad jazz revival.......

Over the years Alastair's musical horizons broadened and he featured in the popular TV series 'Songs of Scotland'. Since then he has appeared extensively in theatres throughout Scotland in shows, pantomimes and plays including 'The Tales of Para Handy', adapted from Neil Munro, and Hector MacMillan's 'The Rising'. Alastair's commitment has always been to entertain. He strives to offer what he considers to be wholesome and uplifting entertainment by, he says, 'filling time for an audience instead of just passing .t'. His musiccan be obtained through Corban Records, PO Box 2, Glasgow, G44 3LB.

Buckhaven & Methil Miners Brass Band

The origins of the brass band date back to early 19th century Englandand the industrial revolution, when employers, mainly in mills and coal mines, began financing works bands to discourage workers from pusuing political activities in thei leisure time. By the 1840's politicians were hiring them to liven up campaigns. Challenges followed, and the brass band competitions took shape. By 1860 there were more than 750 bands in England alone, comprised solely of non-professional musicians, as they are today. despite the demise of industries which once supported them, thousands of british brass bands have survived...

Apple Blossom Concert with Alastair McDonald, Dunfermline 2004

Buckhaven & Methil band were formed in 1905 and look forward to celebrating their centennial anniversary next year. During its lifetime the band has travelled extensively throughout Britain to attend fetes, galas and concerts. Nowadays it is self-supporting, relying on subscriptions and fundraising events for its upkeep. Members take pride in performing to a high standard and have fared well in competitions. Having come third for the last three years, they are one of only two Scottish bands to have succeded in winning the British Mineworkers Championships. Sadly, these ceased to take place this year and, together with the coal-mining industry, are now a thing of the past.

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